Conserving the Land We Love

Conserving the Land We Love

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Conservation Law

Holmes Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to the protection of  the natural landscapes that define South Carolina. These resource rich, history laden lands and waterways characterize the special quality of life we enjoy.  The stunning scenic vistas, blackwater swamps, vast stretching marshlands, working farms and forests…are accompanied by an unparalleled land conservation ethic among those who call this place home.

This is the community that I belong to and serve, protecting signature landscapes, wildlife habitat, farm and forestland for future generations.

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Experience, Passion, Service

The permanent protection of land can involve a number of intersecting fields of law, from property rights to the IRS Code and Treasury Regulations, state tax law, federal and state environmental protections and local zoning laws. It pays to hire an attorney experienced in these matters, with a passion for the work and a practice dedicated to land conservation.